About Us


About Us

While supply structures are changing, Wellpoint Global is always with you!

Today we are an important actor as Wellpoint Group in the occupational health and safety sector in Turkey, as a result, we are about to reap our ten-year investments in digital health in the very near future. In our current days, where the conventional services are digitilized and our every need is within our grasp with a single button, our digital vision becomes concrete in Wellpoint Global.

The shine of “Online Health” software services that our founder has initiated as an informal investor, sparkles in Turkey. On the other hand, Global Wellpoint is a foreign trade company. It imports kits and products that are used extensively in patient support programs, home care, and treatment. We also export Turkish-made hospital hardware products for hospital management initiatives in nearby regions.


If you need product or project advice, technical support, or have any other questions, we're here to help.